On Tuesday, 30th April, 2024 the Jomoro Municipal Assembly its First Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the 8th session of the Assembly at the Conference Hall Annex.
In attendance were the Presiding Member, Hon. Emmanuel Nvojo, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Louisa Iris Arde, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mrs. Joyce Akosua Angmorteh Miezah, Heads of Departments of the Assembly, Hon. Assembly Members, Heads of Security Agencies, Zonal Council Administrators, representatives from the media and Nananom
Presenting her Seasonal Address, Hon. Louisa Iris Arde welcomed all Hon. Assembly Members, Nananom, Heads of Department as well as distinguished guests and staff present. She thanked them for their advisable contribution to ensuring a successful inauguration of the new Hon. Assembly Members and swearing in of the new Presiding Member.
Hon. MCE continued to give an account of the state of affairs in the Municipality for proper evaluation of the Assembly’s performance to take stock of how the Municipality is faring.
She highlighted the following areas encapsulated below:
The MCE said the Municipality continues to remain relatively calm and with low crime rate. She commended the security agencies for the timely response to calls of the citizens in the Municipality to address their security needs and their commitment and dedication to ensuring law and order over the years. She encouraged them to do more as we approach the general elections in 2024 to ensure a free, fair, and successful election.
The Hon. MCE disclosed that in a bid to increase food production for local consumption and export and to also create employment, the Government’s Flagship Programs such as planting for food and jobs, planting for exports and rural development, and rearing for food and jobs are still being implemented.
To sustain this, she said the Assembly through the Department of Agriculture had instituted a five (5) year PFJ 2.0 program supported by the government as part of its measures to increase food production in all parts of the country.
She added that as a result of the program, the Wildlife Division had carried out a sustainable livelihood and agroforestry for Two Hundred and Thirty-Two (232) farmers at Nawuley aimed at promoting green value chains in organic cocoa and environmental awareness to improve farmer’s knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture and increase knowledge among farmers on resource management.
Hon. MCE reiterated that education remains the building block of every nation and a source of developing human capital for the development of the Nation and she is committed to improving on the infrastructural and other logistical needs of schools to enhance teaching and learning.
To this end, she said efforts have been made to adequately resource the Education Directorate to be able to monitor the activities of hardworking teachers to reduce absenteeism, minimize child delinquency to positively impact learning, and improve examination results.
She disclosed that Peace International School in Half Assini participated in the Western Regional Inter District Quiz Competition and emerged second.
She added that due to the heavy investments made by the government, parents, and guardians, the Assembly will continue to put in measures to ensure better performance of the students across the Municipality.
Hon Louisa Aris Arde said the Management of the Assembly through the Elubo Zonal Council had used the teak trees at Nuba farms to manufacture Two Hundred Five (205) mono and dual desks and distribute them to some selected schools in Elubo. The beneficiary schools include:
1. Gyegyekrom JHS – 20
2. Nuba JHS – 20
3. Elubo Catholic JHS – 80
4. Ashirudeen JHS – 20
5. Cocoatown JHS – 20
6. Elubo Catholic Pri. – 45
Giving key activities carried out in the first quarter of 2024, the Hon. MCE said apart from the routine services the health directorate offers, the Health Directorate carried out some sensitizations and drug administration exercises in the Municipality. Also, the Directorate organized Out Patient Department (OPD) Tuberculosis exercises at various health centers due to the growing cases of Tuberculosis (TB) to prevent people from contracting the disease. There was a mass drug administration of (ONCHO) at Elubo Sub Municipal and an investigation was conducted on deaths caused by Rabies at Nuba. The Directorate also piloted an outreach family planning at Fante Community, Half Assini, she said.

The MCE revealed that the Assembly in collaboration with the Petroleum Commission received Two Thousand (2000) gas burners and distributed them to institutions, organizations, and security agencies in the Municipality. She said the exercise was in respect of the government initiative to promote the use of gas in every household across the nation.
The MCE highlighted the following activities carried out by the Assembly to ensure social inclusion and to provide the needed assistance to the less fortunate compatriots in the Municipality:
• A total of 85 PWDs received free health insurance
• Payment of LEAP amounting GH₵ 243,675.60 to 1259 beneficiaries.
• Sensitization of pupils on all forms of abuse to enable them to become aware of dangers associated with child adolescents.
• A total of 14 cases (child maintenance (8), custody (3) pregnancy neglect (3) were resolved in the Municipality.
• A total of 85 PWDs in the Municipality were registered and their specific needs were identified and taken care of by the Assembly.
Hon. MCE presented projects in the Municipality initiated by the Assembly over the years. Below are the details;

1 Construction of CHPS Compound New
Kabenlasuazo DACF 70%
2 Construction of CHPS Compound Allowulley DACF 40%
3 Construction of 2No. Market Sheds Jaway Wharf DACF 70%
4 Construction of 3-Unit Classroom
Block with Offices, Staff common
Room, 3-Seater WC Toilet Facility Old Ankasa DACF 95%
5 Construction of 2-unit Classroom Block with Office, Staff Common
Room, Kitchen, and Washroom Ekpu DACF 45%
7 Paving of 800m2 floor Area, 6Seater WC Toilet & Urinal facility,1No. Mechanized
Borehole Drilling with
Overhead Tank & Construction of 0.60m diameter x 9m Length
Concrete U-drain Tikobo No.1 EUADF & DACF 60%
8 Construction of Standard Football Field (100m x 72m) with Natural Green grass, fencing with Panel mesh, Masonry retaining wall,
Dressing rooms & Football Tikobo No.1 DACF – RF 10%
9 Support for the Re-construction of Nzulezu Community Wooden
Walkway Nzulezu Community,
JMA and
Ghana Gas
Limited 30%
10 Support for the Rehabilitation of
Old Kabenlasuazo wooden
Walkway over river Old Kabenlasuazo Communi-
ty and
JMA, 15%
11 Re-roofing of selected portions of Atwenbanso / Edobo Primary School roofing. Atwenbaso /
Edobo JMA 100%

The Hon. MCE thanked Hon. Assembly Members for their support, cooperation, and contribution to the development of the Jomoro Municipality.

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