Jomoro MCE tours communities to acquaint himself with problems

Jomoro MCE tours communities to acquaint himself with problems, 1

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Jomoro Municipality of the Western Region, Mr. Ernest Kofie has begun a familiarisation tour of towns and villages within the area to explain current government programs and Assembly policies to the Chiefs and people that are geared towards accelerated development of the area.

The tour also meant to identify problems confronting the people and initiate strategies for solving them.

This is the first familiarisation tour the MCE has embarked upon, since he was appointed by President Akufo-Addo last year and subsequently elected by the Assembly to steer the affairs of the Assembly.

It is to bring local governance to the doorstep of the people and to listen to the problems of the individual towns in the Municipality.

The problems facing these communities include poor roads network, toilet facilities, electricity and bad state of some school buildings.

Some of the communities visited so far include; New Nzulezo, Azuleti, Mpataba, Nuba, Ndumsuazo, Nawule and New Kabenlesuazo.

Addressing chiefs and people of Azuleti in a mini durbar, the MCE expressed a great deal of gratitude on behalf of the President, Akufo-Addo and entire NPP to the community for their immense support during the 2016 general elections which brought the party into power.

He, however, urged the chiefs and people of the area to come together to help the government in all spheres of endeavours for developmental goals as the government cannot do it alone.

He used the occasion to appeal to the chiefs and people to nurture peace and at all circumstances create peaceful atmosphere.

Moreover, Mr. Kofie admonished the people to be law-abiding and fulfill all their tax commitments to the Municipal Assembly and government as a whole.

He said that his door is always opened for their views, opinions and suggestions that will help the Municipality to develop rapidly.

He advised the to refrain from deviant behaviours that will affect their future.

He urged the farmers to embrace the government’s Planting for Food and Jobs flagship program to better their livelihoods.

He said the government exists for the general well-being of every Ghanaian so the people must bury their political differences and embark on serious farming, not only to promote food security in the country but also to enhance their standard of living.

The MCE promised the community with 30 bags of cement and said the cement would be donated within the week.

The Queen Mother of the area, Nana Awuah Badwo III thanked the MCE for visiting them to know their concerns.

She used the occasion to appeal to the MCE to establish JHS for the community to ease their burden of sending their wards to different towns to further their education.

At Mpataba community, the Chief, Nana Ndefo III appealed to the MCE to renovate their existing JHS block.

He said the block is on the verge of collapse and if possible the Assembly can build a new one for the community.

The Headmaster of Mpataba M/A JHS, Mr. Pious Blay used the opportunity to appeal to the MCE to provide them with computers to enhance effective teaching and learning.

The MCE promised to work assiduously and provide them computers as soon as possible.

He, therefore, advised the students to take their studies seriously and respect their parents.

He also urged the parents invest more in their children’s education and avoid buying expensive clothing.

Fertiliser Establishment
At Nuba community, the MCE revealed that the government has signed a partnership agreement with the Moroccan government to establish a fertilizer plant in the Jomoro Municipality.

The MCE expressed worries over the land litigation which is likely to stop the project or being transferred to a new District.

He appealed to the chief of the area to speak to their colleague chiefs who are fighting with the ownership of the land to ceasefire and allow the project to be done.

He added that no government would invest its resources into a project which is characterized by a litigation.

He said the youth in the Municipality are unemployed and said if the project comes off, it would be creating over 3,000 job opportunities indirectly and directly.

The MCE pledged his total commitment to give GHC12,000 to the Nuba community to purchase a brand new water pump to repair their long damaged water project.

He asked the community to rally behind President Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS flagship program and educate their children to pass well at the JHS level and enjoy the program.

He also used the opportunity to advise the youth not to involve themselves in gambling activities.

Nana Simanli Kpanyinli III, chief of Nuba in a welcoming address thanked the MCE for the kind gesture and pledged to supervise over the repairing of the water project.

He, however, complained about the deplorable state of the four kilometre feeder road linking the community to Sowodadzem, and appealed to the Assembly to help in its rehabilitation to facilitate the movement of people and farm produce to the market centres.

He assured the MCE that he would personally speak to his colleague chiefs fighting over the proposed land for the establishment of the fertiliser plant.

He said he is ready to release land for oil companies which are looking for land to establish any facility in the Municipality.

Some of the Chiefs in the communities presented foodstuffs and sheep to the MCE and his entourage.

The MCE was accompanied by staff of the Assembly, NPP Jomoro Constituency Executive Members, the media among others.

Source: Daniel Kaku

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